Using Peppermint Oil to Help Migraine Headaches

My journey to aromatherapy started when I discovered that Peppermint essential oil relieved my migraine headaches. With that discovery, my entire life changed. Soon after, I started my education to become a certified aromatherapist.

When it came time to write my final research paper before my certification was complete, choosing the topic was very easy. I wrote about using Peppermint oil to treat migraine headaches through dermal application!

The scientific research supporting the use of Peppermint oil to relieve headache pain isn't vast, but the research that has been conducted is compelling. By applying an appropriate blend of Peppermint oil and a carrier oil to the forehead, temples, and neck, the pain associated with migraine headaches can diminish. I can attest to that fact personally!

I think this research is so interesting that I turned my research paper into a free report. You can get a copy by submitting the form below. You'll receive an email shortly after you submit the form which will include a link to download the full report.


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