My Journey to Aromatherapy Started with Chronic Migraines

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Why did you become a certified aromatherapist? I get asked that question a lot. Most people who know me are surprised when I tell them that in addition to owning a successful marketing communications company and being a published author, I also own an aromatherapy company. I'm not the "touchy-feely" type that some people associate with natural products. However, that's not what aromatherapy is about.

Yes, there is an emotional aspect to aromatherapy. After all, scent has a direct effect on our emotions. Research into the brain's functions tells us that. But what really got me interested in aromatherapy was the chemistry of essential oils.

Let me back up for a second because my journey to aromatherapy actually started before I discovered that it's backed by science.

Discovering Essential Oils

I suffer from chronic migraines. They're debilitating. They can last for days, and I was getting them a couple of times per week. It got to the point where I woke up every morning with a migraine and went to bed every night with a migraine. I was barely functioning! I tried so many different over the counter and prescription medications! I adjusted my lifestyle and diet. Nothing worked!

One day, someone suggested that I try peppermint essential oil to help relieve the pain of my migraines. Guess what? It worked! It was like a miracle. I had my life back!

Today, I still carry a peppermint blend roll-on and my Sinus Relief Aromastick with me everywhere I go. I use the aromastick multiple times throughout the day -- every day, and if I feel a migraine coming on, I use my roll-on on my forehead and temples at the first signs and use my aromastick again. I have friends and relatives who suffer from chronic sinus headaches, and they've had amazing results from my peppermint roll-on (which I offer as a custom blend) and the Sinus Relief Aromastick.

Studying Aromatherapy

After I discovered how essential oils helped my migraines, I began to try them for different things. I tried a Tea Tree blend to relieve burns, and long story short - it healed a burn on my hand from my curling iron within a day! I tried a blend to help a cut on my knuckle that I'd been putting Neosporin on for over a week with no success. Within two days of starting my essential oil blend (once a day), the cut was almost gone! I tested a blend on the muscle spasms I get in my shoulder from working at my computer for too long, and the relief was instant!

Bottom-line, most of the essential oils I tried worked! I wanted to learn more, particularly since I read that there are real safety concerns with essential oils. I wanted to make sure that the blends I made for my family were safe, so I began researching how to learn more from an authoritative source. Let's just say there are a lot of unauthoritative sources out there!

That's when I found Aromahead Institute and signed up for the certification program. Aromahead is one of the best aromatherapy schools in the world, and once my training was complete, I'd have a certification that was recognized by the most important aromatherapy organizations.

Today, I'm a certified aromatherapist. Yes, I cringe when I read bad aromatherapy advice online, and I hope that more people learn not just the amazing benefits of essential oils but also the safety concerns so they use the oils responsibly. Every oil contiains chemical components that can be extremely supportive to your wellbeing, but they can also cause harm. Please be careful!

Now, I'll step off of my cautionary soapbox and wrap it up. For many people, their favorite essential oil is the first one they discovered because it had such a significant impact on their lives. For me, it's peppermint. What's yours?


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