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Using Peppermint Oil to Help Migraine Headaches

My journey to aromatherapy started when I discovered that Peppermint essential oil relieved my migraine headaches. With that discovery, my entire life changed. Soon after, I started my education to become a certified aromatherapist. When it came time to write my final research paper before my certification was complete, choosing the topic was very easy. I wrote about using Peppermint oil to treat migraine headaches through dermal application! The scientific research supporting the use of Peppermint oil to relieve headache pain isn't vast, but the research that has been conducted is compelling. By applying an appropriate blend of Peppermint oil and a carrier oil to the forehead, temples, and neck, the pain associated with migraine headaches can diminish. I can...

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My Journey to Aromatherapy Started with Chronic Migraines

Why did you become a certified aromatherapist? I get asked that question a lot. Most people who know me are surprised when I tell them that in addition to owning a successful marketing communications company and being a published author, I also own an aromatherapy company. I'm not the "touchy-feely" type that some people associate with natural products. However, that's not what aromatherapy is about. Yes, there is an emotional aspect to aromatherapy. After all, scent has a direct effect on our emotions. Research into the brain's functions tells us that. But what really got me interested in aromatherapy was the chemistry of essential oils. Let me back up for a second because my journey to aromatherapy actually started before...

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